Convert IPv6 address to common English words and back

IPv6 address:

Text representation:

DNS naming compatible representation:


Q: But why?
A: Because IPv6 addresses are too hard (many say) - Using alternate IPv6 address representation format makes it potentially much easier to communicate IPv6 addresses over phone or similar methods where the current hex format isn't well suited.

Q: Doesn't DNS work?
A: Yes it does, but it's not always available.

Q: What about privacy?
A: This is using Brython JavaScript Python runtime, no data about addresses is being passed to any server(s).

Q: I've got an idea...
A: Feel free to contact.

Q: Do you provide DNS service with the names?
A: No I don't. But some one like well could. They're already running service like I well could, but I don't want to do because potential abuse.

Q: Where did you get the words being used?
A: The dictionary words being used with this project are based on New General Service List v1.1.

Q: Is it possible to use other languages than English?
A: Yes, just replace the words.txt with 257 words in whatever language you'll prefer.

Contact info:
Sami Lehtinen

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